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Server Merge Announcement

Nov 15, 2020

Dear Saints,


In order to ensure a healthy game system and bring a better gaming experience to all saints, starting from November, we will start server merge in some relatively inactive old servers. We will consider each server from the following dimensions: the number of active players, the number of active legions, the activeness of the Galactic Duel, the server opening time, and the player's online duration, etc., and then select those servers that need to be merged most.


This is the first time for the server merge. In order to ensure the stability of the overall process, we only selected A71~A75 for the first time. Thanks to the saints for their understanding, we will continue to merge more server in the future, please wait patiently.


The following are specific details for the server merge:


1.    Server Merge Area: A71~A75

2.    Server Time:

a.     Function shielding: 5 AM on November 16, 2020, to 5 AM on November 30, 2020

*During this period of time, Legion Conquest in the merging servers will be blocked.

*We are deeply sorry for the bad game experience caused by the server merge. After the merge is over, we will send corresponding compensation to the players in A71-A75.

b.    Server Merge End: 5 AM on November 25, 2020 (Weekly Maintenance)

*After the server merge, players in the original server A71~A75 will be regarded as players in server A71, and the PVP battle zone will be considered as server A71

*The player still enters the game normally from the original login entrance (A71-A75)

3.    Rules:

I)     The leaderboard data in the merged server will be cleared when the server is merged. After the player login again, the leaderboard data will automatically recover

II)     Player’s data in PVP and PVE gameplay will not be affected (for example: Galactic Duel Rank, Athena trial levels, Sacred Duel Rank, Masei Tower, etc.)

III)    If the player or the legion has the same name, the system will re-randomize the name and send an email to the player or legion to compensate

IV)  Server Merge will not have any impact on the player's personal information (such as: Inventory, Saints, Achievement)

V)    Some features that have no impact will be reset, such as: saint comments, lineup recommendations, etc.







Thank you,

SSA operations team

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