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[1st Anniversasry]The 13th Zodiac Temple: Ophiuchus Odysseus!

Sep 07, 2020


Ophiuchus' Arrival

In Saint Seiya: Next Dimension, Athena tried to save a dying Pegasus Seiya by traveling back in time two hundred years, to the previous Holy War...


An unforeseen side effect of her time travel was the return of Odysseus, who had disappeared during the previous Holy War.


Ophiuchus Odysseus is the legendary thirteenth Saint and also the most powerful. He is an exceptional doctor and an expert in poisons.


The Forgotten Ophiuchus

Legends say that long ago, there was an Ophiuchus Temple between the Scorpio Temple and Sagittarius Temple. The Gold Saint in that Temple, Asclepius, was a kind man and a skilled doctor. He did not participate in the war, but he treated many with his healing skills. Eventually, people began calling him the God of Medicine.

Not long after, the Gods of Olympus became enraged that a mere mortal was being hailed as a god. Ophiuchus was exiled from the Sanctuary and the Ophiuchus Temple was torn down. Everything related to him was erased from history...


The Revival of Ophiuchus Odysseus!

Sometime after, before the Holy War began 240 years ago, a man named Odysseus came to the Sanctuary. He was also a great doctor, and people began calling him the reincarnation of Asclepius...

Odysseus spent his life saving others with his healing, and even lost his life trying to save the Saints...

Many years later...

In the Twin Sala Garden, Crateris Suikyo wrote "13" on a petal with his blood, indicating the return of a certain someone.

Then, due to Athena's arrival...

The Ophiuchus Temple miraculously resurfaced. The once dead Odysseus appeared in the temple as the Gold Saint of Ophiuchus. He headed towards the Goddess Temple, for reasons unknown...


On September 16th, Ophiuchus Odysseus, the very first EX Saint, will arrive in the Sanctuary. A themed summon event will also become available.

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