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Fireworks Show Strategy

Jul 10, 2020

Step 1: Get Materials!

During the event period, participate in Dimension, Gods Temple and Secret Land activities for a chance to get "Barrel", "Gunpowder" and "Mud" materials to make fireworks. Summer Fireworks Boxes can also be purchased from the Pack Shop.


Step 2: Donate for Fireworks Points!

If you are in a Legion, you can donate materials to the Legion to earn Legion Fireworks Points as well as Personal Firework Points. (Once you leave Legion, the Legion loses all points donated by you.)

If you are not in a Legion, then donations only increase your Personal Firework Points. (If you are in a Legion, both your Personal Firework Points and Legion Firework Points will increase)

Attention! Lighting fireworks does not give Firework Points! Points can only be earned through donations.


Step 3: Light Them Up! Perks!

As long as you are in a Legion, you will get 5 chances to launch fireworks in Legion Hall daily, whether you have materials or not! But you have to be in Legion Hall to see this action!

Legion Firework Points will determine your rewards when launching fireworks daily. The higher the points, the better the rewards.

The Fireworks launch event takes place between 20:00 and 23:00 every night. Random firework special effects will be generated each time you launch fireworks, and rewards will be given based on Legion Firework Points. Therefore, it is highly recommended to increase the Legion Firework Points to the max value of the day before launching fireworks.


Step 4: Ranking Rewards!

There are two sets of ranking rewards for this event: Legion and Personal. Personal rewards are determined by Personal Firework Points and have nothing to do with Legion Firework Points.

For players who manage to rank very high in both Legion and Personal rankings, if they get the June skin in both, then the second skin will be replaced with 1000 Diamonds. Legion rewards are sent by the system directly. Personal rewards will be sent via in-game mail.

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