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Summon Announcement

Jul 29, 2019

【Summoning Rates】

SS 0.4%

S 3.5%

A 20%

B 76.1%

All S/SS Saints have an equal probability of acquisition, the probability of the Themed Summon Saint will be higher than the other S/SS Saints in Themed Summon Pool.

【Shards dropping probability when single theme (single draw)】

0 Shard80.37%
1 Shard18.48%
2 Shards1.12%
3 Shards0.03%

Themed Summon (After event time, Time-limited Saints will not join the advanced summon pool. )

1. The Time-Limited Themed Summon S/SS/EX Saints will only be in the Themed Summon Pool.

2. Theme Summon Pool includes EX, SS, S, A, B Saints.

3. Once the event ends, the Time-Limited S/SS/EX Saints will not join Advanced Summon and next Themed Summon Pool while the Unlimited-time S/SS Saints will.

4. Some Time-Limited Themed Summon S/SS/EX Saints will join the Advanced Summon pool from time to time.

Lists of Time-Limited Themed Summon S/SS/EX Saints


Athena's Exclamation - Saint

Hades Alone

Ophiuchus Odysseus



Surplice Capricorn Shura

Underworld Commander Pandora

Pisces Albafica

Divine Cloth Aquarius Camus

Divine Cloth Taurus Aldebaran

Divine Cloth Scorpio Milo

Sagittarius Gestalt

Gemini Cain

Divine Cloth Libra Dohko

Arayashiki Shaka

Special saints(Can only be obatained in special method, after owned, can be summoned in Advanced Pool)


Divine Cloth Leo Aiolia

Outrage Shiryu

Golden Arrow Seiya

Pavo Mayura


Outrage Shiryu

Phoenix Ikki

Worm Raimi

Frog Zelos

Harpy Valentine

Alraune Queen

Golem Rock

Lycaon Phlegyas


NameHow to obtain
Phoenix IkkiBuy【Phoenix Nirvana Package】
Outrage ShiryuJoin the Holy Fire Crisis event,collect 90 shards to summon.
Golden Arrow
Exchange shards in Honor Mall,collect 120 shards to summon.
Pavo MayuraExchange shards in Honor Mall,collect 120 shards to summon.

【Saint Cloth Chests Rate】

【Exclusive Scorpio Cloth Material Chest】

(Guaranteed Item Pool-Random get 1 of the following)QuantityDrop Rates
Milo Cloth Damaged Component materials177.00%
Damaged Scarlet Needle120.00%
Milo Cloth Component materials11.50%
Scarlet Needle10.60%
Milo Cloth Component materials (Gold)10.60%
Scarlet Needle (Gold)
(Item Pool 2-Random get 4 of the following)

Common Orichalcum168.00%
Rare Orichalcum110.00%
Orichalcum Divine Steel12.00%
Milo Shard120.00%

【Cloth Material Chest (Common)】

(Guaranteed Item Pool-Random get 1 of the following)QuantityDrop Rates
Damaged A Cloth part10.50%
Complete B Cloth part14.50%
Damaged B Cloth part 110.00%
Common Orichalcum160.00%
Rare Orichalcum125.00%

【Cloth Material Chest (Rare)】

(Guaranteed Item Pool-Random get 1 of the following)QuantityDrop Rates
Complete S Cloth part11.00%
Damaged S Cloth part111.00%
Complete A Cloth part111.00%
Damaged A Cloth part177.00%
(Item Pool 2-Random get 4 of the following)

Damaged A Cloth part10.50%
Complete B Cloth part17.50%
Damaged B Cloth part115.00%
Common Orichalcum150.00%
Rare Orichalcum110.00%
Orichalcum Divine Steel12.00%
Saint Shard115.00%

Cloth Limited Chest I(Leo)Drop Rate
Item Pool 1 (Guaranteed Item Pool-Random get 1   of the following)Damaged Leo Cloth   Part11%
Complete Leo Cloth Part1%
Damaged Dragon Cloth Part19.25%
Complete Dragon Cloth Part2.75%
Damaged Lymnades Cloth Part57.75%
Complete   Lymnades Cloth Part8.25%
Item Pool 2 (Random Items Pool-Random get 4   of the following)Damaged Dragon or Lymnades Cloth Part0.50%
Damaged Sagitta Cloth Part15%
Complete Sagitta Cloth Part7.50%
Rare Orichalcum50%
Common Orichalcum10%
Orichalcum Divine Steel2%
Saint Shard15%

Cloth Limited Chest II(Libra)Drop Rate
Item Pool 1 (Guaranteed Item Pool-Random get 1   of the following)Damaged Libra Cloth   Part11%
Complete Libra Cloth Part1%
Damaged Phoenix Cloth Part19.25%
Complete Phoenix Cloth Part2.75%
Damaged Unicorn Cloth Part57.75%
Complete   Unicorn Cloth Part8.25%
Item Pool 2 (Random Items Pool-Random get 4   of the following)Damaged Phoenix or Unicorn Cloth Part0.50%
Damaged Wolf Cloth Part15%
Complete Wolf Cloth Part7.50%
Rare Orichalcum50%
Common Orichalcum10%
Orichalcum Divine Steel2%
Saint Shard15%

【Underworld Shun Gacha Machine Probability announcement】

The following is the probability distribution of the prize pool for the single draw of the Underworld Shun Gacha Machine

Note: 10 consecutive draws is actually 10 single draws

Underworld   Shun Shard110.00%
Underworld   Shun Shard25.00%
Underworld   Shun Shard32.00%
Underworld   Shun Shard100.05%
Underworld   Shun10.01%
Advanced   Flower Box5035.00%
Refine Stone1027.00%
Refine Lock1020.94%

Fortune Cat probability announcement

The following is the probability distribution of Fortune Cat event's 8 interval

Note: The numbers of advanced gems obtained in the interval is completely random

FrequencyMinimum level   requiredQuantity   consumedMaximum outputNumber of   Output RangeRange 1 Lowest~Highest Range 1   ProbabilityRange 2 Lowest~Highest Range 2   ProbabilityRange 3 Lowest~Highest Range 3   ProbabilityRange 4 Lowest~Highest Range 4   Probability






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