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The 1st "Sea of Stars" Skin Design Contest of The Sanctuary

Jul 30, 2020

【The 1st "Sea of Stars" Skin Design Contest of The Sanctuary】


-243 year ago, in the last Holy War, it was linen robes, melodious flutes, and ancient windmills everywhere.

Now, I stand at the crossroad of time and space, dreaming a different world of saints.

243 year later, will the next Holy war be steam pipes, cyberpunk streets, or even virtual technology? 

When the Sanctuary’s skyscrapers can break through the cloud and watercrafts crowded in the Seven Oceans, one can travel from Underworld to Elysion in a blink of eye. 

When the real future arrives, how fascinating would that be?

So, what will our familiar friends look like in the future?


Please design a skin with the theme of "Future Fantasy" for Gemini Kanon!

Let us put on new skins when the new year comes and to celebrate the future


The sea of stars flows through the vibrant new world, inviting you to imagine with us!-


Contest Schedule

Character Vote: July 28, 18:00 to July 29, 22:00, GMT+8(ended)

Design Submission: July 31 to August 20, 22:00, GMT+8

Evaluation: August 20 to August 24, GMT+8

Final Vote: September 3, 14:00 to September 7, 18:00, GMT+8

Winners Announcement & Showcase: September 7, 18:00 to September 9, 24:00, GMT+8


Submission Guideline

1.Please design Gemini Kanon's skin with the theme of "Future Fantasy" based on his story and related information.

2.Please send your work to the mailbox with the title: "Sea of Stars" Skin Design Contest


Only works that sent to this mailbox will be considered as valid participation.

3.[VERY IMPORTANT] When you send an email to join the event, please post your Server and Account ID (Click your Avatar – settings, Account ID is a string of numbers) in the email at the same time, only works with account information will be considered as valid participation.

4. The winning skin design from the final voting will be given to all players for free in an update 4 months after the event ends. The designer of the winning entry must provide relevant design documents, and may need to discuss with the developer regarding implementing the design.

5. Submissions must include the skin design, a name for the skin, a description and the motivation/reason for the design.

6. Submissions can be drawn by hand or digitally in drawing softrware. The design should be clean and detailed, and match the Saint Seiya art style. No abstract designs will be accepted.

7. Submissions must be original and must not infringe upon any proprietary rights of another person or entity. Non-original entries will be disqualified.

8. Upon submission, you agree to grant license and right to utilize the submitted materials to Saint Seiya Awakening: Knights of the Zodiac.

9. Designs that contain advertisements of any kind will be disqualified. Submissions should be positive in nature.

10. Designs that meet all the above standards will be qualified, and all qualified works will be rewarded as "Shining Star" prize.

11. The final results of each stage of voting are the aggregated results of all regions and servers.

Note: All participants must be registered players of Saint Seiya Awakening: Knights of the Zodiac. Server and in-game ID must be included with each submission (for distributing rewards).



1. Superstar Designer (1 winner): RMB 10,000 (or USD equivalent based on exchange rate), all currently available SS Saints, all skins in the shop (including skins that were in the shop) and a Skin Designer showcase slot.

2. Star Designer (4 winners): Saint Cloth Myth Ex Dragon Shiryu ~ Golden Limited Edition ~ , all currently available SS Saints, and all skins in the shop (including skins that were in the shop).

3. Talented Designer (10 winners): Diamonds x500, Advanced Gem x30, and 5 skins of your choice from the shop.

4. Shining Star (all qualified submissions): Diamonds x200, Advanced Gem x10

Note: Each submission may only win one of the first three Designer prize.

          The Shining Star prize can be won in conjunction with any Designer prize.



Character Art Director, TiMi L1 Studio

Product Manager, Saint Seiya: Awakening

Art Director, Saint Seiya: Awakening

Game Designer, Saint Seiya: Awakening

2D Concept Artist, Saint Seiya: Awakening



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