Saint Seiya: Knights of the Zodiac


A Look Back On Half a Year of Saint Seiya Awakening: KOTZ

Mar 26, 2020

It’s crazy to think it’s only been half a year since the anime-style RPG Saint Seiya Awakening: Knights of the Zodiac came out, marking the 35th anniversary of a comic loved around the world. Since the game has hit the number 1 RPG in France, and the top 10 in 20 countries worldwide.   


One of the best bits of Saint Seiya Awakening: KOTZ is the thrill you get when summoning a powerful character. The constant introduction of new characters keeps the game interesting and challenging. Ultimately, it won’t take players long to start trying to figure out about the best and most powerful teams in the current patch. The addition of new and powerful characters, that also offer interesting mechanics, provides much-needed diversity to the current roster of unlockable heroes. It’s also not just about the powerful heroes, but also the sheer nostalgia of unlocking some of the most iconic characters from the childhood classic. Other highlights for fans include the Fortune Cat events and the appearance of Arayashiki Shaka, the 8th Sense of the Gold Saints Virgo Shaka.



This month, saw the launch of super-popular time-limited S Saints including Griffon Minos and the King of the Underworld – Hades. But that’s now in the past, and to mark 6 months in-style, there will be a series of celebrations starting from tomorrow (March 11th). Poseidon joins the Advanced Summon Pool. The Drop rate will increase and Time Recharge Double Coupons will reset. Not only will there be a number of discounted packages, simply login on March 11th to get 1000 diamonds and a special frame as well!


We’re also looking out for the new function Treasure Pavilion. This is a development system where players can increase the combat value of Saints by collecting different items. In a game where strategy is everything, we’re looking forward to see the interesting twist this may bring to the game.



There are two events this month. Jamir Championship, the top PVP Competition kicks off Season 5 March 16th. Furthermore, last month's critically acclaimed PVP Melee will return this month, to be held in the last two weeks’ weekends of March. The theme of this month's PVP Melee is different from that of last month, with different rules and gameplay modes. Remember, players looking to enjoy these events will only be able to access them in the global version of the game.


Burn your cosmo, Saints!


Saint Seiya Awakening: Knights of The Zodiac

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