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Recent Game Content Q&A 27/12/19

Dec 27, 2019

Dear Saints:

For the recent game content, we have collected the players' voices, and here are answers to the most frequently asked questions:

Regarding the Fortune Cat

In our event structure, Fortune Cat is designed to surprise players from time to time. The specific date of the event is based on the overall planning of the whole version. However, in October and November, the effects and feedbacks of the Fortune Cat didn’t reach our expectations. Therefore, in December we decided to pause the Fortune Cat and started to change the form of rewards by giving players extra theme saint fragments and a lot other resources. Yet, considering players’ enthusiasm for the Fortune Cat, we decided to get it back at a fixed time every month starting from January. The specific date will be announced in 1st Jan 2020.

Regarding the Skin Pavilion

In the global version, all functions and cultivation of the Skin Pavilion are completely same as the Chinese version without any modification. Comparing with other versions, we also added the core item "Skin Activation Stone" to more events and gameplay rewards, so that all players have a chance to cultivate their own adored skins. (Notice: The attribute bonus on the original skin is an extra, not affected by the Skin Pavilion attribute)

Regarding the IOS Exclusive Package

This is a policy requirement of IOS. We will strengthen communication on this aspect with Apple in future cooperation and try our best to bring more benefits to players.

Regarding the Event Content Adjustment

The events in every week are not constantly the same. As we continuously bring new event experiences to players, we also keep optimizing the structure and rewards of each event. In this Christmas event, we brought more Skill Tome Shards and Eighth Sense resources in events, and balancing the amount of the theme saint fragments. We also increased the amount of other resources, such as Exp, stamina, skin coupons. We hope you guys like it.

Regarding the Christmas Presents

We hope to bring constant surprises to players every day from Christmas to New Year's Eve (8 Days). So, there will be a daily login rewards in the mailbox (Totally 10 Advanced Gem, 600 Staminas, 50 Skin Coupon Chest in 8 days). Don't forget to check it :)

Merry Christmas!

Happy New Year!


SSA Operation Team


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