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Nov 29, 2019

Dear Saint,


Firstly, big thanks to you all for the love and support Saint Seiya Awakening: Knights of the Zodiac has received since its launch, a little over two months ago. Your support brings great joy to the entire operations team here. At the same time, we recognise our obligation to bring an ever-improving game experience to you, the players. 


We would like to address some concerns highlighted by some of our players — and also take this opportunity to update our community on some exciting changes coming your way; which will help us to continue delivering the very best in-game value. 


Some players have noticed price differences for in-game purchases: depending on whether they are playing the South-East Asian version of the game Saint Seiya: Awakening or the global version, Saint Seiya Awakening: Knights of the Zodiac


It is important to explain here that regional pricing structures are, inevitably, affected by regional factors — this is true for all global publishers working across the mobile games industry. Marketing, publishing, localising and providing the fan base with customer support are all component parts of those regional factors. Equally, those playing the global edition of the game will have noticed a number of perks; which can only be accessed by playing KOTZ. These include access to the global playing community and the global versions of matches and events (e.g. The Jamir championship). 


Going forward, KOTZ players can expect more exclusive gameplay that will not be released in the SEA version. Get excited for PvP Melee — a cross-server PVP mode featuring different rules every month. Are you the best? Prove it! Win six-in-a-row for valuable rewards! This exclusive gameplay will only be available in the KOTZ global version; just one of an increasing number of perks attached to the global game; Saint Seiya Awakening: Knights of the Zodiac. We always appreciate the commitment and love of our fans and will continue to respond by delivering more exclusive content; rubber-stamping KOTZ as the definitive Saint Seiya gaming experience for a global audience. 


Some players have also drawn attention to a “VIP” club. This is not something we were planning to talk about at this stage but is in fact a ‘trial-run’ of an exciting new feature; the forthcoming "Sanctuary Council" service which we’re planning to launch soon. Contrary to some of the speculation, players should know that membership will not be based on any single factor such as status, or how many in-game items you purchase. The Sanctuary Council will be launched in order to facilitate comprehensive feedback from players and communicate responses from our KOTZ operations team. We will be inviting players who meet set requirements to join the Sanctuary Council internal testing phase. 


*Please note we did not and will not change the banner of the game according to requests from Sanctuary Council users. We also did not provide any in-game items. Please stay tuned for fuller details on our all-new Sanctuary Council which will be coming soon!


Addressing some other player concerns, the probability of drawing certain cards will naturally increase in future; as the number of saints in the card pool increases. The 2% figure previously announced was based on the initial data at launch. We are happy to announce it has now organically increased to around 2.3% and will continue to rise as the game grows.


Finally, we launched the "Fortune Cat" in response to some complaints from players about the lack of gems. We hope players will benefit from the Fortune Cat event — we are set to make further improvements to the feature later based on player feedback. We continue to welcome feedback from players through any of the social media / email channels; it is an essential tool for our KOTZ operations team and we thank you all for taking the time to relay your thoughts and concerns about Saint Seiya Awakening: Knights of the Zodiac.


Burn Your Cosmos!

Saint Seiya Operations Team 


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