Saint Seiya: Knights of the Zodiac


Recommended lineups for beginners

Jul 25, 2019

In Saint Seiya: Knights of the Zodiac, you acquire new Saints by summoning them with Astral Gems. The Saint you get is completely random. All S-Saints are worth training, but they are hard to get your hands on. Therefore, it is generally preferable to train powerful A or B Saints instead. Here are a few initial lineups that are recommended for beginners as they are easier to acquire and train.

Recommended lineup 1: Pegasus Seiya + Dragon Shiryu + Wolf Nachi + Andromeda Shun + Chameleon June + Eagle Marin

This lineup is almost entirely composed of Saints which you get in the beginning, thus is very easy for beginners to get their hands on them. It includes an AoE attacker, a single-target attacker, crowd controllers and a healer. You need to devote more resources to Shiryu and Seiya as they are your main damage dealers. Use Shiryu to deal attack the entire enemy team with the help of Chain of Hephaestus Cosmo, and with Seiya you should alternate between Comet First (for Weaken) and Meteor Fist (for damage). Your burst damage will be average, but the overall damage output is solid. Couple this with June and Marin to survive the enemy. While this lineup has no outstanding advantages, it doesn't have any real disadvantages neither. It's an all-round lineup. It is also good enough for Daily PvE and low-level PvP.

Recommended lineup 2: Kiki + Black Cultist + Black Ikki + Black Shiryu + Black Andromeda + Jango


This lineup is completely made up of B Saints, which are very easy to collect. Jango is the lineup's main Saint. With the buffs he receives from all the Black Saints, he'll deal quite a bit of damage, and he'll also guide other Black Saints to attack with him for decent single-target damage. The downside of this lineup is that too many spots are taken up by Black Saints in order to increase Jango's damage, leaving no room for healers, which might make survivability a problem. However, the amount of healing provided by early game characters is not very high anyway, so you might as well disregard this aspect altogether. This lineup is enough during the early game.

Recommended lineup 3: Kiki + Pegasus Seiya + Hound Asterion + Phoenix Ikki + Wolf Nachi + Eagle Marin

The hardest Saint to get your hands on is Ikki, and he can be obtained by spending ¥6 on in-game transactions. This is a very powerful lineup with emphasis on AoE attacks. Asterion steals energy, which enables you to fully utilize Ikki's skills, and makes it more difficult for your enemy to use skills. It's a good early-game lineup utilizing brute force.

Every Saint has a purpose. They just need to be in the right lineup to realize their maximum potential. Once you get through the beginner's stage and have a decent-sized Saint pool to choose from, you can start to design lineups of your own.

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